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690: Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision

690: Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision. Setting an urban farming goal and then making it a reality. In This Podcast: When Dr. Jolene Kuty and her husband were ready to start planting on their bare new property, they spent a lot of time planning what they wanted to do in the space […]

All About Urban Company’s Unparalleled Cleaning Training Program

2 min read “At Urban Company, our endeavor is to empower millions of professionals worldwide and deliver high-quality services. Therefore, training plays a critical role in transforming our partners into professionals.” Cleaning is a sensitive service as it requires our professionals to spend a long time at a customer’s place and, hence, UC has a […]

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689: Scott Murray on Being a Farmer

689: Scott Murray on Being a Farmer. An ask a Farmer session with one of Greg’s mentors.   Gardening advice and inspiration from a mentor. Even those of us who have been farming for decades can gain insight and inspiration when we have a more experienced farmer as a mentor.  For Greg, one of […]

Urban Company partners with Saudi’s leading beauty services provider Baheya to bring unparalleled at-home services in the region

2 min read Urban Company, Asia’s largest tech-enabled home services marketplace, has entered into a partnership with Baheya, the largest salon chain in Riyadh. With this, Urban Company aims to be a household name for beauty services at home by enabling its partner salons and beauty professionals to deliver services like never before. With quality […]

#UCUpskill — Rising with Urban Company

4 min read One of our key pillars of partner enablement is training and upskilling of our service professionals, visible in the investments made and priority awarded to this vertical. At present, we have: 150+ training centres across India 250+ full-time trainers 200+ part-time trainers In fact, our training team is one of the biggest […]

From the Street  Said Dokins

Street Artist Said Dokins Light Installation Dazzles for Querétaro Experimental international public art festival, 2022

Throughout the summer months of June until September, Mexican contemporary artist Said Dokins presents Refraktur as part of the Querétaro Experimental international public art festival. The festival will show the work of over 200 artists across a wide range of disciplines, including music, theatre, dance, performance and sculpture.  Refraktur is a site-specific installation built out of glass, metal, reflexive […]

Bloop  From the Street  SPAIK

Street Artist Spaik reveals his 10-piece preview mural for BLOOP 2022

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA is back for its 12th consecutive edition! From the 4th – 24th of August 2022! Despite the pandemic and subsequent setbacks and difficulties, BLOOP has continued to open its doors over the last two years, insisting on holding this independent initiative that introduced art to a traditionally foreign […]

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688: Free Water for the Garden

688: Free Water for the Garden. A Garden Chat with Don Titmus.   On the last Tuesday every month we host The Urban Farm Garden Chats where Greg Peterson has a relaxed conversation in a Zoom room with a special guest to cover useful gardening topics, and they answer questions from the live listening […]

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687: Squashes, Summer & Winter

687: Squashes, Summer & Winter. A chat with an expert on seeds.   At least ten times a year we have a live Seed Saving Class with Bill McDorman, the former Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, Ketchum, Idaho. He got his start in the bio-regional seed movement while in college in 1979 […]