Frequently asked questions

Important information about the Urban Thinkers Campus Mannheim


What is the Urban Thinkers Campus?

The Urban Thinkers Campus is an international conference. It focuses on the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It serves as an opportunity to exchange local and international issues.

Where does the Urban Thinkers Campus take place?

The Urban Thinkers Campus will take place at the Stadthaus, N1, in Mannheim.

Who can participate in the Urban Thinkers Campus?


How can I participate in the Urban Thinkers Campus?

Simply register under

What are Urban Labs?

Urban Labs are working groups/discussion groups. There are Urban Labs that take place digitally, on site in the Stadthaus or hybrid. This means that you can join some of the Urban Labs that take place on site digitally and participate in the discussion.

Do I have to attend all Urban Labs when I register?

No, you can also register for individual Urban Labs. Just check the program to see which topics appeal to you.

Is there a fee to attend the Urban Thinkers Campus?

No, participation is free of charge. Drinks and snacks will be available for participants on site at the Town House (while supplies last).

Do I need to know English to participate?

No, there are Urban Labs in English and in German. There is a translation at the English Urban Labs on site.

Why do Urban Labs take place on topics that at first glance do not concern Mannheim?

The Urban Thinkers Campus is organized in cooperation with Engagement Global and the Service Agency for Communities in One World (SKEW). SKEW is interested in promoting exchange between German cities and cities in the global south. To learn from each other and to work together on projects to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

Where can I go if I have questions?

City of Mannheim, Department of Democracy and Strategy, or 0621 298 9653.