Frequently asked questions

Important information about the Urban Thinkers Campus Mannheim


What is the Urban Thinkers Campus?

The Urban Thinkers Campus is an international conference. It focuses on the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It serves as an opportunity to exchange local and international issues

Where does the Urban Thinkers Campus take place?

Online and on the railing of BUGA23

Who can participate in the Urban Thinkers Campus?


How can I participate in the Urban Thinkers Campus?

Simply register under

What are Urban Labs?

Urban Labs are working groups/discussion groups. There are Urban Labs that take place digitally, on site at the Stadthaus or hybrid. This means that you can join some of the Urban Labs that take place on site digitally and participate in the discussion.

Do I have to attend all Urban Labs when I register?

No, you can also register for individual Urban Labs. Just check the program to see which topics appeal to you.

Is there a fee to attend the Urban Thinkers Campus?

No, participation is free of charge. Drinks and snacks will be available for participants on site (while supplies last). Admission to the BUGA23 grounds is also free of charge for all participants.

Do I need to know English to participate?

No, there are Urban Labs in English and in German.

Where can I go if I have questions?

City of Mannheim, Department of Democracy and Strategy, or 0621 298 9653

Who organizes the Urban Thinkers Campus?

The Urban Thinkers Campus is organized by the City of Mannheim. It is an initiative of the World Urban Campaign (WUC) of the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). The aim of UN-Habitat is to promote sustainable development in cities.

Why is it important right now to hold, and participate in, an Urban Thinkers Campus?

The Urban Thinkers Campus deals with current social problems and offers citizens the opportunity to exchange and discuss ideas with experts and decision-makers. In this way, concerns can be discussed directly and concrete solutions can be developed together.

To what extent does the implementation of the Urban Thinkers Campus influence the realization of the Mannheim2030 mission statement?

The Urban Thinkers Campus conferences deal with current problems and challenges. The focus is on addressing specific sustainability goals of the Mannheim2030 mission statement and the corresponding challenges, as well as developing concrete solutions. Thus, the Urban Thinkers Campus represents one of several formats for the realization of the mission statement.