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698: Andrew Millison on The Permaculture Water Summit

698: Andrew Millison on The Permaculture Water Summit. Creating a hopeful future through how we manage our water. In This Podcast: Andrew Millison, an experienced and enthusiastic permaculture teacher, announces his upcoming online Permaculture Water Summit.  He spells out the serious problems facing the world today, then shares his passionate belief that quick action […]

September-October 2022

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August-September 2022

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June-July 2022

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697: Planting for the Bugs

697: Planting for the Bugs. A Garden Chat with Suzanne Bontempo.   On the last Tuesday every month we host The Urban Farm Garden Chats where Greg Peterson has a relaxed conversation in a Zoom room with a special guest to cover useful gardening topics, and they answer questions from the live listening audience.  […]


CONSULTATIONS FOR THE UCLG PACT FOR THE FUTURE – Towards the UN Summit of the Future and the SDG Summit

Submitted by uclguser2 on Thu, 22/09/2022 – 15:01 Confronted with a closing window of opportunity, it is now time for the local multilateral system to demonstrate it is ready to join national and international partners in bringing about change. With the Pact for the Future, UCLG members and the organized constituency of local and […]

From the Street  nyc

Street Artist Kobra invites us to reflect on what future we want to leave for future generations, NYC 2022

Eduardo Kobra works on a meaningful mural at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The unprecedented initiative of bringing street art to the UN’s wall was approved by the UN Committee, which recognised that Kobra’s art “is in line with the ideals of the United Nations.” The famous Brazilian muralist worked day […]