Our way to the UCLG Learning Forum in Daejeon


In the past two months the UCLG Learning Community got together in three Stocktaking Sessions to debate important issues both for trainers and those working with training activities with local and regional governments and their networks and associations.

More than 200 representatives of local and regional governments, associations and international organizations participated in the three sessions, discussing peer learning, localization of global agendas and e-learning methodologies.

These sessions are a step on the way towards the UCLG Learning Forum in the UCLG World Congress from October 10th to 14th in Daejeon, Korea. 

The Stocktaking Sessions

At UCLG we are firm believers that peer learning is a crucial tool that local and regional governments and their networks can use to learn from and with each other. The first session on May 31st took stock of the evolution of peer learning methodologies and its impact on local public policies in order to understand and debate how to organize effectively peer to peer events. On June 21st, the second session focused on the methodologies of localizing global agendas, including an emphasis with the Training of Trainers Modules, and Learning Games that have been developed and implemented globally in spaces such as the 7th Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. 

On July 5th, the third session debated e-Learning methodologies, one of our fundamental learning streams through our webinars, online peer learning sessions, Massive and Open Online Courses (Moocs), the Platform LearningWithUCLG, the UCLG Learning channel on YouTube and the future #UCLGLearningForum at the #UCLGMeets platform.

The Learning Forum

In the context of the largest democratic gathering of local and regional leaders, the UCLG Learning Forum is the dedicated platform for our constituency to share their city and regional experiences on learning methodologies. 

The Forum is a space for active deliberation to shape the future of learning methodologies and learning streams globally.

Looking forward to seeing and engaging with you in Daejeon!

If you were not able to attend the Sessions or want to watch it again, you can find the videos on our YouTube page.

Source: UCLG
Link: Our way to the UCLG Learning Forum in Daejeon