Instruction participant
Before attending an Urban-Lab conference, keep the following things in mind:

Participation with a notebook or a PC:

  • To be able to hear other participants a loudspeaker is necessary, to be heard you need a connected microphone.
  • Please use the Google Chrome browser only. Here you can download Google Chrome:
  • Click on the Urban Lab you would like to participate in.
  • Sign in at the room with your name.
  • For now, please keep your webcam turned off so that people can focus on the presenters.
  • You can speak at any time with a hand signal (click) and they will give you the floor (turn on your microphone while you are speaking and then turn it off again).


New mobility concepts: 4 impositions, 2 provocations, 1 big idea


Smart Cities: 4 Impositions, 2 Provocations, 1 Big Idea

Urban Lab 1

Academy Online training Urban Lab Session - Best practice examples for the implementation of Local Green Deals

Urban Lab 2

The climate also needs feminism

Urban Lab 3

Sustainable Governance

Urban Lab 4

The energy transition in municipalities - part of an LGD

Urban Lab 5

Renaissance Now - Art is a Game Changer for Societal Challenges

Urban Lab 6

Citizens Shape the Future of Europe - Mannheim's Contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe
(Framework for localization of EU strategies. From EGD to LGD)

Urban Lab 7

Public Space and Corona - Experiences from the Corona Pandemic and the now adopted Leipzig Charter

Urban Lab 8

Sustainable consumption
(OneWorldForum, unpacked store, turned inside out
Climate Protection Agency)

Final round

Summary of the day