LAGOS, January 2019 – Thousands of people watched a live debate between five candidates aiming to become the President of Nigeria who discussed the country’s housing situation. The candidates in the election scheduled for 16 February all agreed on the urgent need to focus towards on housing to ensure social and economic development was a
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CONSULTANT TERMS OF REFERENCE                                                                                                                         Issued on 18.01.2019 ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: UN-HABITAT DUTY STATION: Home Based FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Local Migration Expert, Consultant DURATION: Output based DEADLINE: 4 March 2019   BACKGROUND Internal and international migration movements in the greater Mediterranean region have a direct and long-lasting impact on the development of urban areas in the region,
Megaprojects such as infrastructure development or industrial parks can have a major impact on the economic, social and environmental conditions of entire cities and their residents, for whom the investments should ideally generate benefits. A study of urban and regional development in Belarus has enabled UN-Habitat to analyse integrated planning and implementation of urban development
UN-Habitat in partnership with Cardiff University has developed a report titled: Prosperity for All: Enhancing the Informal Economy through Participatory Slum Upgrading.  The report is timely in contributing to global development agendas, particularly SDG 11, and the New Urban Agenda (NUA), which commits special attention to upgrading slums and informal settlements, and to recognizing the
This Policy Brief argues that successful initiatives to tackle Cali’s exceptionally high homicide rates also have potential for local economic development, and suggests ways that the significant value-added by informal enterprises can be harnessed to achieve wider economic objectives. It examines innovations in supporting micro-enterprise and crime reduction in Cali and the lessons for local
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Outlining the main activities led by UN-Habitat in the area of risk reduction and resilience over the 2017, the annual report covers technical cooperation with cities, knowledge creation and management, and advocacy, communication and awareness. For more information on our work, please contact us. Source: New feed
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What is a resilient city? Why is it important? and who needs to act to keep the cities, and its resident, safe? This short and accessible flyer answers these questions and outlines UN-Habitat’s contribution to sustainable and resilient cities. Source: New feed
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The report provides an overview of participation and detailed outcomes of all main sessions, including the six urban resilience dialogues. Partner events, workshops and site visits are also featured   Source: New feed
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More than one quarter of the world’s urban population lives in informal settlements. Informal settlements create marginalisation and segregation, and their inhabitants are often more vulnerable to health risks, natural disasters, unreliable wages, hazardous working environments, and a lack of basic services. This Enhancer outlines a series of indicators to help local governments evaluate informality
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Women and men, girls and boys, each experience urbanisation and benefit from its opportunities differently according to their gender identities. This Enhancer helps gather relevant information on the relationship between gender, human development, and city resilience, in order to mainstream gender equality in cities. Source: New feed