Freitag, der 4. Dezember 2015
This lecture is based on the realization that little attention is being paid to the inexorable increase in urban populations, particularly in very low income countries. Buckley argues that industrial coordination problems are no doubt important, but so too is the avoidance of increasingly dysfunctional cities. Synopsis The lecture is based on the realization that little attention is being paid to...
Freitag, der 4. Dezember 2015
Addressing Global Land Challenges’ aims to introduce the land challenges facing the planet, and some of the solutions for creating sustainable cities associated to the land issue. Synopsis This lecture is based on the realization that the current global approach to land systems cannot meet the needs of the majority of people in developing countries in regard to security of tenure...
Freitag, der 4. Dezember 2015
Jane Weru, Executive Director of Akiba Mashinani Trust, in her lecture “Too Pressed To Wait” discusses the water and sanitation hygiene systems in informal settlements in Nairobi, and how they are causing a strain on both the physical and psychological health of people who live and work in these settlements, in particular women and girls. Synopsis Jane Weru in this lecture...
Freitag, der 4. Dezember 2015
In this lecture, Dr Clos discusses planned versus spontaneous urbanization, the issues this entails and three concrete principles for planning sustainable cities. Together they form a three-legged approach to sustainable urbanization. Synopsis In this opening session for the second season of the Global Urban Lecture Series, Dr. Joan Clos introduces three fundamental principles behind planned urbanization: Rules and Regulations, Urban Design,...
Nairobi, o3 December 2015 – UN-Habitat has developed together with UN CC:Learn, the One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership, an e-learning module on climate change and cities. This module responds to the need for climate change education for action on climate change to be possible. The module introduces the theme of climate change in urban areas. The module covers how...
Mittwoch, der 9. September 2015
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Samstag, der 12. April 2014
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Montag, der 24. Dezember 2012
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Samstag, der 17. März 2012
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