Bordeaux – support to businesses

Bordeaux has implemented a range of measures to support the local economy and businesses. These include: Free parking in outdoor car parks.Exemption from terrace tax and taxes levied on the use of public space and advertising.Tourist tax to be paid in instalments, easing the pressure on businesses’ finances, in particular those in the tourist sector. […]

Bordeaux – support hotlines

Bordeaux is now operating several hotlines for people differently affected by coronavirus. These include a mental health support hotline, COVIDPSY33, from 10.00-18.00 Monday to Friday; a specific phone service for those grieving the death of a loved one; and a phone line for healthcare professionals to receive support and advice. Contact: Source: eurocities

Zagreb – hotlines for health

Zagreb has opened a free hotline available to citizens 24 hours a day, where all relevant coronavirus information can be obtained. The telephone numbers of the Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health, one of the public health institutions funded by the City of Zagreb, on the danger of coronavirus infection, are also available to […]

Zagreb – financial relief

In Zagreb, where the coronavirus pandemic has been further exacerbated by an earthquake, the city is providing several kinds of financial relief for people and businesses. For retirees the obligation to settle utility bills under the jurisdiction of the City of Zagreb and companies owned by the City of Zagreb is extended by three months […]

Milan – Educators shop for the elderly

Milan is providing a personal grocery shopping and delivery service for the elderly thanks to an agreement with food retailers and a charity organisation. Funded by the charity, the program works through a call centre that the elderly can call to place their orders. The orders are prepared and delivered by volunteers. The program serves […]

Cardiff – Universities offering vital equipment

Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales have donated protective equipment and equipment that will help with testing to healthcare services. University researchers are also involved in mapping the spread of the virus and looking at whether different strains are emerging. Results from psychology departments’ research on the impact of the […]

Fuenlabrada – Homework calls

In cooperation with Rey Juan Carlos University, Fuenlabrada’s students volunteer to help pupils from primary and secondary schools with their homework through Whatsapp and video calls. Read more here (in Spanish) Contact: Juan Carlos Hernández Navas Source: eurocities

Dusseldorf – Live from the zoo

Several of Düsseldorf’s cultural institutions offer tours and events online. The Aquazoo (a renowned zoo for mainly aquatic animals) streams online shark feedings. The local theatre Schauspielhaus offers behind-the-scene tours and the Maritime Museum (Schifffahrtsmuseum) can be visited virtually. Read more here (in German) Source: eurocities

Ghent – Signs to urge physical distancing

With the Easter holidays and good weather teaming up, Ghent finds it challenging to motivate residents to observe physical distancing. To tackle the issue the city has placed 20 large signs at the main entrance of busy places, and has tagged pavements and 300+ benches throughout the city with messages such as: “Walk on: Corona […]