698: Andrew Millison on The Permaculture Water Summit

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698: Andrew Millison on The Permaculture Water Summit.

Creating a hopeful future through how we manage our water.

In This Podcast:

Andrew Millison, an experienced and enthusiastic permaculture teacher, announces his upcoming online Permaculture Water Summit.  He spells out the serious problems facing the world today, then shares his passionate belief that quick action by individuals can turn things around faster than any government.  In some parts of the world, deserts are already being turned into lush forests!  Learn how to attend this free summit and become part of the exciting changes to come.


The Permaculture Water Summit announced in this episode is free and is being held online October 13-15, 2022 but the presentations will remain available after it ends.  Go to Permaculturesummit.online.

Our Guest:

Andrew Millison is an innovative educator, storyteller and designer. He founded the Permaculture Design education program at Oregon State University (OSU) in 2009. Andrew serves as an Education Director and Senior Instructor who offers 25 years of experience and a playful approach to regenerative design. 

In October 2022 – just a couple weeks after the release of this podcast, Andrew is hosting a three-day Permaculture Water Summit; a free global summit created to share viable solutions for the water crises found throughout the planet.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Teaching permaculture – in person at Oregon State University, through online courses, and a YouTube channel
    • Documenting permaculture projects around the world
    • Touring an ancient agricultural system in Mexico
    • Why do a water summit?
    • Ensuring that economic factors do not limit the spread of knowledge
    • Experiencing the downsides to a global economy
    • Water and permaculture work in some of the hardest hit places in the world
    • Repairing the planet on a large scale?  It can be done.
    • Lining up world class speakers for the Permaculture Water Summit
    • Increasing organic matter in the soil – the silver bullet solution to climate change!
    • Stimulating people-powered climate change resilience movements

As well as:

His childhood memory – Going to an orchard to pick apples when he was about 6 years old

His advice – “Think backwards!”

 How to reach Andrew: 

Website: andrewmillison.com

YouTube:  Andrew Millison  

Summit Website: Permaculturesummit.online


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