690: Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision

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690: Jolene Kuty on Creating a 10-year Vision.

Setting an urban farming goal and then making it a reality.

In This Podcast:

When Dr. Jolene Kuty and her husband were ready to start planting on their bare new property, they spent a lot of time planning what they wanted to do in the space and how they wanted it to look in 10 years.  They wisely took even more time to plan the space accordingly.  Now, 10 years later, hear how they are enjoying the fruits of their labor, both literally and figuratively, and proving that the best time to plant a tree really is 10 years ago! 

Our Guest:

Chiropractic physician and health educator, Dr. Jolene Kuty, built an idyllic sustainable urban farm as a role model for her patients and her family.  Her home and on-site chiropractic office is surrounded by 800 square feet of raised organic vegetable gardens and over 20 trees from the Urban Farm fruit tree program. They live, work, and play on a half-acre in the city where their five children swing beside seedlings and are surrounded by fresh growing fruit. They eat farm-to-table, sharing recipes and inspiration with all who visit.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Describing the before and after
  • Spending 31 hours planning what to do with their space
  • Planning to live, work and play
  • Creating the need to spend time outside
  • Designing their own playground
  • Making carrot top pesto
  • Harvesting awards
  • Adding more trees, made easier because of the planning they did 10 years ago

  • Letting the pineapple palm grow into an umbrella
  • Filling the raised beds
  • Integrating the garden with the yard
  • Moving the chiropractic office into the garden
  • Sprinkling fairy dust on boy scouts
  • Learning to love bugs, slowly
  • Sharing, engaging, and finding community
  • Starting with a quarter-sized tomato


As well as:

Her childhood memory – Her grandmother growing tomatoes in her yard, surrounded by marigolds

Her advice – “Find a community.”

How to reach Jolene:         

Email: jolenekuty@yahoo.com

Phone: Kuty Chiropractic 480-945-7800

Editor’s Note:   

Jolene was also featured in a previous podcast episode on Abundant Holistic Harvests which is available to Urban Farm Patrons.  Click here to learn how to become a Patron and hear more from Jolene.


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