689: Scott Murray on Being a Farmer

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689: Scott Murray on Being a Farmer.

An ask a Farmer session with one of Greg’s mentors.


Gardening advice and inspiration from a mentor.

Even those of us who have been farming for decades can gain insight and inspiration when we have a more experienced farmer as a mentor.  For Greg, one of those people is his good friend, Scott Murray.  One of the best things about Scott is that he is so willing to help others learn how to grow food successfully.  Every now and then we’ll have a live Ask a Farmer webinar where the audience can submit questions for Scott to answer.

This podcast episode is a recording of one of those sessions with information so good, we couldn’t help but share!


In This Podcast:

Scott Murray shares his four-step plan for starting a farm.  If you have gardened, you have likely learned how to grow a thing or two, and maybe you are considering stepping it up and becoming a farmer.  Do you know how to start a farm?  What does it take to go from gardener to farmer?  What questions should you ask before you start and where do you find the answers?  Start right here with the answers and inspiration you’ll find in this session!


Meet the mentor:

Scott Murray

Scott Murray has 48 years of organic agriculture production experience in the United States & Mexico.  He has served in a wide variety of roles within conservation, food production, and environmental leadership, including as an elected California conservation official for the last 27 years. 

Scott also specializes in farmland preservation projects utilizing smart growth principles.  These days his primary work is on farm creation and consulting, including his work on a farm growing coffee in southern CA which had its first harvest and sold out in one day…at an unbelievable $796 a pound.


– What is a farmer?  What is a farm?

– The Four-Step Plan

Step 1: Grow what you like to eat

Step 2: Start small & grow into it

Step 3: Grow for where you are planted, or go where your plant will grow

Step 4: Get growing!

– Farm to help others solve problems


How to reach Scott:

Email:  scottamurray@sbcglobal.net



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