688: Free Water for the Garden

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688: Free Water for the Garden.

A Garden Chat with Don Titmus.


On the last Tuesday every month we host The Urban Farm Garden Chats where Greg Peterson has a relaxed conversation in a Zoom room with a special guest to cover useful gardening topics, and they answer questions from the live listening audience.  To join us for the next event, go to www.GardenChat.org or
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In This Garden Chat:

The biggest and most basic concern when maintaining a garden is water.  In these uncertain times of drought and rising costs, how can you ensure your garden will not wilt just when you need it most?  Don Titmus shares his secrets for finding free water right where you are, no matter where you live.  Using his expert tips, your garden will be stay green and healthy, and you will be a better steward of our most precious resource.  Best of all, watering your garden will be easier than ever!


Our Special Guest:

Don Titmus grew up in London and at age 16 spent 4 years being trained in horticulture through an apprenticeship and a college course. From there he continued landscaping in his hometown until he moved to Arizona in 1981, where he worked in landscaping and then started his own business in garden maintenance.  In 2003 he attended a Permaculture Design Course, which was life-changing for Don. He knew right away that this was the path he’d been waiting for, and later attended two Permaculture Teacher Trainings.  He co-founded the Phoenix Permaculture Guild, started a Permaculture design company, redesigned his home site into a permaculture design destination, and helped develop a thriving permaculture community in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He has presented in 5 cities, worked in several states, attended classes in 5 states, and pretty much lives and breathes permaculture.



– Why bother harvesting rainwater when you don’t get much rain?

– Planting your water, then planting your plants around it

– Slow it, spread it, sink it, cover it

– Making your landscape hold water

– Obtaining free mulch…GetChipDrop.com

– Collecting in tanks, drums, containers

– Stacking functions by using grey water

– Diverting storm water

– Collecting condensation from your air conditioner

– Getting water from your neighbors

– Visiting Urbanfarmwater.com to get your free Water Your Garden Guide

– Keeping water pressure when using a timer

– Protecting your water tank from light to keep the algae out

– Watering with soaker hoses?  There is a better way.

– Using rainwater inside the house

– The effect of lightening on rainwater

– Boiling potatoes or pasta?  Don’t throw that water away!!

– Yellowing citrus leaves



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