684: Foliar Feeding in the Garden

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684: Foliar Feeding in the Garden.

A Garden Chat with Anthony Dominguez.


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In This Garden Chat:

We are talking with gardener and chemist Anthony Dominguez from HyKreations about foliar feeding our gardens. Besides providing the respiration for our plants, the foliage can be a direct method for getting nutrients into the plant. A virtually immediate foliar feeding of nutrients can give your gardens the boost they need to improve vitality and growth. Yet with limitations of temperatures and avoiding flowers, the biggest gardening question we get asked is how and when do you fertilize vegetable gardens?


Our Special Guest:

Robert “Anthony” Dominguez is the Co-Founder and C.O.O. of HyKreations. He is an Arizona native and holds a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Arizona. He has always been interested in how and why, especially when in comes to microbes! As a microbiologist, Anthony plans to design and develop microbial products that will become the new standard.



– Foliar feeding explained

– Leveling up through foliar feeding

– Heart, Soul, Essence, and Noble Gills

– Avoiding the flowers

– Knowing what to apply when

– Drenching vs foliar feeding

– Converting the ASU West campus from 95% conventional to 100% organic in 10 months

– Storing the products properly

– Influencing your fruit

– Using the products in compost tea and not using molasses

– Getting technical: Transporting the nutrients through the plant

– Keeping your food crops safe while foliar feeding

– The possibility of using too much (Hint: You almost can’t!)

– Prepping hard soil

– Applying nutrition: 3 ways

– A clever application method using a bucket, a drill bit and irrigation

Editor’s Note:

The foliar feeding products and the nutrition calendars discussed in this episode are available in the Urban Farm General Store at store.urbanfarm.org/foliar 


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